Who the heck are we???

Crystal Cordova 
(Lead Vocalist/Bassist) was inspired at an early age by live music! First falling in love with black gospel music, her early influences were that of Tramaine Hawkins, Fred Hammond & Andre Couch.  She trained in classical violin for 34 years, when one day she picked up an electric bass guitar...and the violin was forever set aside.  As she was in the learning process of bass guitar she and Eric Andersen worked as a performing Duo through the summer and fall of 2015. From these passions begat the creation and development and camaraderie of the band BY DESIGN. Crystal is part of the Blues Society of Northern Colorado and you can catch her at an open jam/mics once in a while.

Eric Andersen (Guitarist) grew up on Long Island with many amazing musicians.  It's been a long process of continual influence by great guitarists. Perhaps the largest influence has been Jeff Beck. He's selective of what pieces he performs.  Many hours have been spent in adopting a style similar to his. Another great influence is Mark Knopler and Dicky Betts of the Allman Brothers ...and of course the smooth groove of Carlos Santana.  There is always something useful you can learn from other guitarists. You can find Eric at https://ericjandersenmusic.com/.

Buryl Hill (Drummer) is a Detroit native influenced by Motown Soul, funk, and Jazz. As a teenager he enjoyed being a singer/drummer in various classic rock bands.  His Major influences were Chicago, Santana and The Doors.  He then spent 10 years in Southern California adding Latin percussion and jazz vibraphone to his mix, as well as a steady Sunday gig that continued after his move to Colorado.  He is a member of the Blues Society and was the house drummer for a blues Jam hosted by local guitarist David Boyd. He still enjoys occasionally taking those blues into the local jail as an outreach.